Growing up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern

A baby Arctic Tern hatches in Alaska. He has much to learn: how to eat, how to swim, how to bathe. But his greatest wish ... is to FLY!

This is the story of an Alaskan Arctic Tern as he grows up in Alaska's Potter Marsh near Anchorage. You follow him as he learns to eat, swim and care for his feathers. After many days of practice, trial and failure, he gains the joy of flying with his parents.

The text, photographs and illustrations explain his experiences. Children see how he keeps on trying when practicing new skills. Perfect for reading to younger children and for older children to read to themselves.

A story of learning, growing and spreading your wings.  

Review on Amazon

"This is a beautiful book, the photos are wonderful - the kind that must have required the author/photographer to have lots of patience, watching as the baby tern developed. The writing is delightful. So much about the artic terns is explained so naturally, using dialog between the mother and father birds and the baby. I am looking forward to being able to read it to my family's grandchildren. They will love it."

About the author

Constance Taylor is an amateur photographer who enjoys watching Alaska's birds and wildlife. She's a retired commercial salmon and shrimp fisherman. Currently she is a publisher, Fathom Publishing Company, and a web designer. You can view more of her Alaska photographs at

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